Sandra was Born in New Jersey, grew up in Sunny South Florida, a vibrant, high energy, sometimes too smart for her own good, rebellious teen who found balance and happiness in sports starting at a very young age. By four Sandra's mom put her in dance where she fell in love with feeling independent and (most of all) having the freedom to MOVE. Soon after competitive All Star cheerleading came into the picture! She thrived in the family oriented, yet competitive environment. although she continued to dabble in dance, then basketball, she stayed committed and trained for 15 years as a competitive cheerleader, winning multiple national titles with her team, being recognized as one of the top stunters in her program, moving on to compete in, at the time, the highest level in cheerleading, and finally out of thousands of other athletes, Sandra was chosen, and sent for a week to train and perform in the 2012 pro bowl half time show hosted in Hawaii.
Sandra spent all of her young years dedicating herself to her craft, it was always more than just cheerleading, or a sport. She struggled with depression, bullying, and never feeling like she was accepted fully by her peers growing up. Her sports and athletics were the way she found and kept loving herself even when others tried to put her down, she used journaling, meditation, coupled with training and workouts to transform NOT just her body, but her mentality, and spiritual wellness as well. She learned to do things from a place of love not a place of hate or judgment! Sandra incorporates her experiences as a young girl, and now woman and mom to help her youth/adult clients work through a variety of different struggles through her understanding, experience and overcoming spirit!

 Sandra has trained under professionals including; Gym Owners, Male Gymnasts, Athletic Entrepreneurs, and Schooling Physical Therapists, furthering her knowledge in workout, movement, and tumbling training, eventually landing a job as the head program director for a first year gyms, cheer program where she developed many new skills, and was given the opportunity to grow even more so in the ones she already had, all while making everyone feel, involved, heard, and seen. 
Sandra continues her growth in costumer service, human behavior, and personal training as she’s finishing school to become a certified PT!

Her real life experience in the field of athletics from cheer,  gymnastics, to movement, and workout, brings a wholesome approach to getting you to your goals in a realistic, consistent way that works for YOU, + can be replicated to help you achieve goals in your everyday life. Her passion for helping people and love for what she does doesn’t go with out notice!

She has hosted many camps, classes, workshops, privates, in home, and online sessions, taking pride in the connections she has made and the many clients she has helped and can’t wait to make you apart of that list, and family!

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